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A quick note to share with you the best places to stay updated on my various projects.

PATREON - This is where I share all my content. Content that will become publicly available is shared there first. You can subscribe for as little as $1/month to access everything.

Ko-Fi - This is another option for supporting my work. Sign up with a one-time donation or become a monthly supporter for access to exclusive content.

Social Media Accounts:

TWITTER - @MelissaOliveri

Mastodon - @melissaoliveri@mastodon.social

Cannelle (music)

The Skylark Bell (podcast)

Other Podcasts (A Carefully Built Pretend, Grab a Blanket, The MOP)

MOD - Melissa Oliveri Designs (prints, patterns, and merch for creative projects) available exclusively on RedBubble and Spreadshop