Come on inside let's go for a ride
Here's your ticket here's the train
Look to the left see the sunshine and rainbows
Look to the right there's the rain

Grab onto the railing
we're going sailing
Through my swirling purple
Not neurotypical brain

I can't speak legalese but I can duplicate
Spanish or Russian in song
Sorry to say can't remember your face or your name
Can't explain they're both gone

Oh don't be offended
I really can't help it
It's my wild and wonderful
Not neurotypical brain

Sounds sound like pictures
And I can feel colours
I feel what others feel too
It's so hard to focus
On a conversation
I hear every sound in the room

Hold onto my hand we're going to dance
Through my odd and quizzical
Not neurotypical brain

Sometimes it's hard to express what I'm feeling
Because I'm not sure what it means
But on the flip side there's a world in my mind
More wild than your wildest dreams

So follow me
Don't be afraid of my weird and beautiful
Rather unusual wildly whimsical
Perfectly usable
Slightly atypical brain