Melissa Oliveri

Multi-disciplinary Artist

Melissa has been an artist her entire life. As an only child, she would spend hours entertaining herself by writing and illustrating stories, playing music, drawing, making puppets and other crafts. This has translated into adulthood in the form of one person wearing many creative hats.


As a musician, Melissa goes by the stage name Cannelle. She composes original songs in a variety of styles, often compared to Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, or Kate Bush. She also writes original music for her Podcast, The Skylark Bell.  The topics she covers are  varied and can range from a dedication to a lost loved one, to a silly song about her disdain for the long winters she has known her whole life.


After years of sitting on a series of unpublished books, a friend suggested Melissa turn one of her stories into a podcast. From there, The Skylark Bell took flight. Melissa has now released 3 full novels as well as a collection of short stories, all with original music and sound effects. Since it's creation The Skylark Bell podcast has been nominated for, and won, several awards. Melissa is currently exploring avenues for publishing her work in book format.

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Writeup by Amy Elle of Collected Sounds