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The Skylark Bell - A Serial Podcast

The Skylark Bell is a fiction podcast in serial format created and hosted by Melissa Oliveri. The enticing, atmospheric story of The Skylark Bell is recounted one chapter per episode, complete with sound effects and original background music.  The podcast also features a series of Fantôme Friday episodes which recount real-life paranormal experiences as well as a collection of eerie original short stories. All music featured in the podcast is composed and written by Melissa under her stage name Cannelle.

The Man with a Storm in His Eyes - Volumes 1 through 4 - OUT NOW!

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The Skylark Bell, Season 1 - The Skylark Bell

"A foreboding house with a frightening history, a new resident with a deeply held secret, a mysterious old woman who never speaks, and a legendary bell that may be the key to it all..."

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The Skylark Bell, Season 2 - Wingspan

"Two years after the frightening events at Meadow Lane, Magpie and Lucas are traveling to Scotland to claim a centuries-old property that once belonged to Magpie's ancestors. Lucas looks to the adventure ahead with excitement, but a series of strange encounters and visions begin to put a damper on Magpie's joy. Then the unthinkable happens, and they both must find a way to move forward...and back."

Available NOW in its entirety on all major podcast platforms!

Additional Short Stories and Collaborations

Skyedive (The Skylark Bell 3) Teaser Trailer

Fantôme Friday Episodes