It's only 3 minutes past midnight
And already it's a
Strange New Year
Strangers' faces
In familiar places
What am I doing here

The glitter the glamour the sequins the gold
The countdown begins
Like countless times before
Willing participants in this charade
The endless parade but this is

A strange new year
Lost you in the crowd
Oh that deafening sound
Can you hear me calling
Can you hear me calling

Searching for some kind of small salvation
Within the chaos of mass celebration
I have no ill will but I have no good cheer
You say I'll drink to that my dear

It's a strange new year
But I'm still here
And the earth's still spinning
We're all desperately clinging

To this hurtling sphere
Year after year
Tangled up in the strings
Of the grand puppeteer

Until we all disappear

We're all made up
Of stars and dust
Fears and love
Wounds and Scars
Dust and Stars

Behind us a string
Of strange old years
The count has run down
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?